A Bootable USB is a software designed to create a bootable USB device for Windows 7. It is helpful when reinstalling the system even if we cannot access the CD player.

Key features

Creating: A Bootable USB gives the user the ability to save Windows 7 boot system on a USB device. For that, he only has to connect the USB, adjust some settings and start the process.

Supported formats: the advantage with A Bootable USB is the fact that it gives the user the ability to choose the type of version. Indeed, he can choose between two types of version which are DVD and ISO version.

Settings: with this software, the user is able to customize the output format. For instance, he can predefine the format of system files either a NTFS or FAT, or the cluster size.


Downloading A Bootable USB is free.
For the case of ISO, the user needs to select the emplacement of the master file in his hard drive.


It is only compatible with Windows 7 version.


Alternative spelling: BootableUSB-, BootableUSB.zip
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