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Adobe Flash Player 64-bit

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17 Beta (latest version)
Adobe Flash Player 64-bit
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, English
Flash Player is among the most popular plug-in for user of Internet browser. Thanks to this tool, image, video and games can be visualized on line.

With this tool, all Internets browser can support reading video, music and games online. It contains an integrated video codec that can support 8 bit alpha channel. It also has an excellent compression ratio and management of ActionScript 3. Thanks to Adobe Flash Player, Web browser is able to display all of a website contents. For instance, we can cite advertisements, images as well as text. Indeed, most of these interactive files were created using the Adobe Flash Player platform. With this function, the user can add in real time dynamic effects with filter and much more. For that, he has to possess 3D graphic card that allows improving video and animation quality. Adobe Flash Player is compatible with all popular browsers like Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.


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